Liberals Going After Conservative Wake County School Board, John Tedesco

God bless John Tedesco, one of the finest men of our time! Wake County's own.

The degree to which the liberals in Wake County, North Carolina, and now our nation have sunk regarding the Wake County school board, is appaling.    After so-called comedian Steven Colbert disrespected conservative John Tedesco on his show this week, your blogger could no long remain silent.

Tedesco is one of the majority conservatives backed by the Wake County Republican Party (not the tea party, as Colbert stated) that won election in 2009.  Everyone with a mouth seems to be weighing in on this one, including our illustrious Gov. Beverly Perdue. (By the way, if she was ever a teacher, we cannot find any record of it.)

This is a COUNTY issue and Tedesco and company have been working to restore community schools and removing forced busing.   That means no more long bus rides for students at any Wake County school, blacks or whites.

The NAACP has cried “racism” at every turn, and their leader, the Rev. William Barber, somehow believes that conservatives are trying to end “diversity” that previously existed.  Sadly, blacks are falling for this folly, not realizing it is in their best interest to attend schools closest to their homes.  Without long bus rides, black student are more likely to have parents involved in their education, after school activities, and over-all well-being.

The NAACP is actually doing its own members in Wake County a huge disservice.  They automatically assume that black students MUST attend schools with white children to be successful.  This is essentially saying that black kids cannot suceed without white children, which we know is completely untrue.  We have all seen many black students rise above their circumstances to become productive and leading Americans.

Felice Pate, an African-American, frequent critic of Barber and the President of the Wake County Republican Women’s Club, said that the NAACP’s stance is wrong.  She added that all the gains made by blacks before integration are being negated by the NAACP’s actions.

Tedesco does not deserve what has happened to him personally and the liberals are trying to destroy him and make him quit.  But this blogger doesn’t think there is any “quit” in John Tedesco.  After raising younger siblings as his own foster children, he went on to lead a Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization, where he raised a great deal of money for them.  However, after Tedesco was elected, county liberals threatened to withhold funding if he was not fired.  To save the organization he loved best, Tedesco resigned.   Fast forward two years.

Now, with no job and limited prospects on the horizon, he continues on.  The Raleigh News and Observer proved to be the most classless “news” paper in the state by printing non-facts regarding how Tedesco fell behind on his mortgage payments and is now facing foreclosure. WRAL-TV also ran a story on the foreclosure.  Columnist Barry Saunders also has a hit  piece in today’s N&O regarding the issue.

Susan Bryant, chairwoman of the Wake County Republican Party has issued  this following statement:

Yesterday, WRAL-TV ran a story in which they disclosed that School Board member John Tedesco was facing foreclosure on his house. When a member of the Wake County Republican Executive committee emailed them to complain, they replied that John’s “…financial acumen and ability to balance a budget will be an important factor in his ability to fulfill the role the people selected him for.”

At the time he was elected to the School Board, John Tedesco worked for a non-profit organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters. After he was elected, the liberals threatened to cut off funding for the organization unless he was fired. John cared more for the well-being of the at-risk children the organization served, than for his own livelihood and so he resigned his position. As a result, he fell behind in his mortgage payments and now faces foreclosure. The liberals, like those that run WRAL, then compound the tragedy by accusing him of fiscal mismanagement. That is shameful and disgusting. It is beyond hypocrisy, it is character assassination of the vilest form.

Today is John’s birthday. He lost his job because he was doing what we elected him to do. Why not show him your support by sending him a birthday card and gift to let him know how much we appreciate his sacrifice, and help him when he needs it the most.

Send the card and gift to:
Hon John Tedesco
104 Rockfish Lane
Garner, NC 27529

3 Responses to “Liberals Going After Conservative Wake County School Board, John Tedesco”

  • Katy:

    I agree with you both. I just read that John is turning down all offers of help, except for job offers. That’s too bad. Yesterday at the Wake County Republican Women, for example, we collected $1000 in about five minutes for him. After Jan Wilson stood up and told this terrible story to us, we were all in tears. I texted his girlfriend and she said it has been a terrible year.

    How dare WRAL say they ran this story as to point out that “he has gross mismanagement” of his personal finances. The reason he had to give up his job is because of liberals like those at WRAL. I had stopped watching them b/c they gave to much coverage to Barber and I won’t go back.

    I saw reporter/anchor/nice guy Bill Leslie out in front of the DMV today. It was all I could do NOT to tackle him like a linebacker sacking a QB. But, we Republicans are more civil than that, even when we are angry.

    God bless John and I’ll be at the next School Board meeting at Cary High, video camera in hand. I’ll be tweeting it to WRAL and the N&O too.

    By the way, if there was ever any confusion, I am kttechwriter in the comments section on the N&O website.

  • Donna:

    I went to the School Board meeting tonight in Garner. As I walked into the High School, there was a banner on the wall that read: “Working as a community of educators and stakeholders, with support from our broader community, we will ensure that every child educated in our school system graduates on time, prepared for the future.” Wake County School Board

    When I stood to speak to the School Board and attendees at the meeting, I read the above quote. And then I talked about the 46% of minority students in Wake County who do NOT graduate – they drop out. To the people who are fighting the neighborhood schools, I ask you – has the current system been working? 46% drop out – I do not call that a success. We need to take care of our students – and make sure they receive a good education. We are failing our children.

    John Tedesco is a man who cares more for our children than any other elected official that I have ever seen in my 24 years living in Wake County. Liberals just don’t get that. All they want to do is trash him. SO WRONG.

  • Nancy:

    It is time we put an end to this type of insanity!