Standing Ovation for Michael Steele?

Former Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele

It’s true.  When now former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele announced that he was quitting the race today, he was met with a standing ovation.  According to the blog Electric Venom,

Steele noted “It’s very clear the party wants to do something a little different and maybe a little better.”

She then added

All I have to say is: word.

And this blogger adds, right back atcha, babe.

This blogger is clearly happy to see Steele gone and opposed his election in the first place. He seemed never to be in touch with the grassroots movement that swept the nation these past two years and finally showed its colors at ballot boxes in November.

Many people voted for Steele because of his skin color. They felt that since the nation had elected a black president, then the RNC needed a black chairman. If that was the case, there was another, more conservative candidate. But your blogger doesn’t believe we should hire or elect anyone because of skin color.  It doesn’t matter whether the person is white, black, Asian, or Native American, KCC believes in electing or hiring a person based on merit.

If that person is the best for the job, then elect or hire them. If these ideals had been in place and in our hearts, we would have never needed affirmative active, so-called women’s-lib, or any other equality  movement.

One Response to “Standing Ovation for Michael Steele?”

  • Hey Katy, thank you for the link! Let’s remember that Steele was selected to be RNC Chair during the campaign, which was another unfortunate reactionary misstep on the RNC’s part. I’m glad to see him gone; I never felt he truly understood the Right to begin with but, rather, had positioned himself on the right as part of his own self-serving PR spin.

    No doubt he’s on to ‘bigger and better things’ (read: paychecks). Hope he gets out quickly enough that the door doesn’t hit him in his posterior.