Renee Ellmers Takes on Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge, Frustrates Him With Facts (debate video)

NC’s 2nd District voters have a huge choice to consider this election.  Will they send a fresh, conservative face to Washington, or will they send back the same-ole, same-ole?  The race is too close to call and every single vote counts.

Watch Renee Ellmers take out our frustrations on liberal Congressman Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge.

Your blogger even had a question filmed the day before this debate was taped, so see if you can spot  her question.

Even though Mrs. Ellmers made a few small speaking stumbles, it only proves that she is not one of “them”, the liberal establishment that currently has a chokehold on Washington.

Mrs. Ellmers, is a nurse and decided to run for Congress after the lengthy debates on Obamacare.  She and her husband have a teenaged son, and they realized what the President’s plan would do to him and his children.

But, she is well versed in health care reform, she is also knows where she stands on virtually every other important issue.

She stuck to the facts, while Etheridge appealed to the emotions, using a popular liberal trick.  Like most liberals, Etheridge was skilled at speaking in circles but never managed to answer questions directly.  The facts seemed to frustrate him.

Apparently, Etheridge has been a “good boy” lately and has not grabbed any young citizens on the street, as he did to two young students who wanted to ask him a simple question about where he stood on President Barack Obama‘s agenda.

Meanwhile, back home, Etheridge loves painting himself as a “poor”, good ole boy type, who grew up in the small town of Turkey.

It’s not about where you are grew up, Bob, it’s about what you are made of.  You’ve proved what you are made of and in this debate, you spoke in circles.

Watch and see for yourself:

2 Responses to “Renee Ellmers Takes on Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge, Frustrates Him With Facts (debate video)”

  • Omega Paladin:

    Etheridge is a professional politician who can prevaricate with the best/worst of them. Renee Ellmers seemed to start the debate a little tentative. But as it wore on, she got sharper and feistier. A good showing for this “citizen legislator”. I hope the voters in her district are wise enough to select her.

  • L. Munido:

    Bob is interested in only one thing – Bob’s re-election. If it means that he has to lie, dissemble, mislead and evade, well, that is exactly what he will do.

    After being in DC for 14 years, he has turned into a professional politician who has fallen in love with the money, power, and benefits that go with the job.