Bill Randall Serves Up Liberal Congressman Brad Miller on Silver Platter in NC-13 Debate: Watch here (video)

Liberal Congressman Brad Miller asked for it and he got it.  In a televised debate with conservative challenger Bill Randall, Randall exposed Miller’s  dalliances with the truth, and outright lies about Randall’s statements.

Meanwhile, the  arrogant Congressman spoke down to Randall as if he were a child, and kept remarking that Randall “doesn’t make any sense”.  Actually Randall was quite clear.

Perhaps Miller didn’t understand Randall because Miller does not speak the language of the American people.

Randall used common sense language. When asked what the “government” could do to “create more green jobs” (we aren’t laughing folks), Randall stated that  it’s private sector who should provide employment and the Federal government shouldn’t prop up any green jobs.

Miller, danced around the question, as if in a circle. It was he who made no sense to this blogger. Essentially, he said that he had done a lot to help the government provide jobs.

Ultimately, this election comes down to this: do you want your member of Congress to feel that the government should provide and think for you? If yes, re-elect Brad Miller.

If you can think for yourself, can handle your own financials, and manage your own health care, vote for Bill Randall.

Randall grew up in the hard-scrabble streets of New Orleans’ 9th ward. He pulled himself out when many of his neighbors could not or would not.  After rising to the highest NCO rank of Master Chief and serving honorably, Bill retired and settled with his family in Wake Forest NC, in Wake County.

If you have any doubts, watch this debate and decide for yourself!

KCC supports him and so should you.  Thanks to also to  NBC-17 for supporting the North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District and for showing this debate.

One Response to “Bill Randall Serves Up Liberal Congressman Brad Miller on Silver Platter in NC-13 Debate: Watch here (video)”

  • Omega Paladin:

    I thought Bill Randall did very well in the debate. Not withstanding that Bill was on the right side of every issue, his oratorical skills made him sound confident and commanding. Unfortunately for Brad Miller, he always sounds like a wuss. He lacks the faux conviction of a Bob Etheridge or David Price. Those guys are smooth when they deliver their BS, unlike Miller.