Who Needs the Therapist? Schiller or Williams? (video)

Tip of the hat to Andrew Brietbart and Townhall’s Tipsheet.

Folks, if you weren’t done with NPR previously, you are now!  Since, Dr. Evil,  George Soros is funding them, they certainly don’t need any taxpayer monies.

Thankfully, word on the street is that several bills will be introduced in the next Congress to de-fund Vivian Schiller‘s dreadful organization.  Juan Williams is a liberal that conservatives and progressives alike are defending in this situation of free speech.  Who knew Ms. Schiller even stooped to watch Fox News?

No need to worry about that now.  We’ve got elections to win.  On to November 2nd…  Meanwhile, enjoy this short video.

2 Responses to “Who Needs the Therapist? Schiller or Williams? (video)”

  • Omega Paladin:

    I’d love to see NPR defunded, but it’ll be tough to accomplish. The Left despises Fox News. In their zeal to ostracize Fox, they’ll even punish liberal commentators who appear there. Juan Williams just gave them the excuse they sought to fire him and send a chilling message to any other liberals that you risk your job for speaking on Fox News. How lame and cowardly of NPR and Ms. Schiller.

  • L. Munido:

    As I suggested on the NPR website, if stupid were catching, Ms. Schiller would be in quarantine.