Watch WTVD’s Ellmers/Etheridge Debate NOW on KCC (debate video)

Can’t wait for Sunday to watch the Challenger Renee Ellmers debate Congressman Bob “Who Are YOU?” Etheridge?  Watch it here, on Katy’s Conservative Corner, now, courtesy of WTVD, of the Raleigh-Durham market.  Longtime anchor, Larry Stogner, moderates.

During this debate Bob Etheridge was asked about the YouTube video that shows him assaulting two young men on a DC street, but the question was framed around the issue of partisanship.  Watch and see how he wiggles out of this one!   It’s a short debate, only 30 minutes, but there are no commercials and it passes quickly.

2 Responses to “Watch WTVD’s Ellmers/Etheridge Debate NOW on KCC (debate video)”

  • Katy:

    Where is the gay outrage? Bob Etheridge comes out in opposition to Don’t Ask Don’t tell. In last night’s US Senate Debate, Richard Burr came out against it and gay pundits were calling it political “suicide”. Right. Most North Carolinians are against it.

    So where are you, liberal homosexual militants? Why aren’t you all over Congressman Bob Etheridge? Why aren’t you calling for his head? By the way, Renee Ellmers says “it’s not the right time” to look at it. But Etheridge came out against it. So, come on, people.

  • Katy:

    Not all that impressed with the credentials of Rose. His “transportation consulting business” is actually a truck brokering biz. That means he decides which 18 wheeler trucks to send out on which runs. Hardly a transportation consultant. Talk about an over-inflated resume. I’m all for community colleges, as I attended one after graduation from a four-year institution, and that’s no big deal.

    But, why did he inflate his resume? Gee, this is like saying I was president of the NC State debate team, when I never took a class at NC State.

    Tom, sometimes voters appreciate a regular dude. Look at Renee, she’s a nurse. A regular nurse. Sure, there are many education levels, but in the end, she’s a nurse that takes care of people.

    Tom, don’t inflate your resume and get caught. It’s lucky that you aren’t a viable candidate!