Bill Randall’s (NC-13) Latest Ad – Our Future (video)

Vote Bill Randall for Congress (NC-13)

Congressional challenger,  Bill Randall, has run a long campaign.  He jumped in the race nearly two years ago and had to fight off a near, last-minute  and popular primary challenger.  Now, it’s crunch time, with liberal Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC-13).

He wants to run the ad, below,  on local television in the 13th District, so look for it soon.  Any extra monies you can contribute, here,  will help him add more air time.

Bill is a U.S. Naval veteran who has shown leadership in crisis situations, and he truly believes that America’s greatest days are ahead, just as did the late President Ronald Reagan.    Your blogger proudly voted for him yesterday, on the first day of North Carolina’s voting season.

Miller is Inaccurate and Completely Unfair

Meanwhile, liberal Brad Miller is running inaccurate ads about Randall’s statements on the Gulf oil spill.  He took a quote completely out of context and most likely used the feed from News 14 Carolina without permission.  You can see their logo barely blurred out in the ad that Miller is running against Randall.

Your blogger was there when the statements were made, and she assures her valued readers that Randall does NOT think that the oil spill was some part of a nutty conspiracy.

Come on Brad.  You voted for Nancy Pelosi’s Obamacare plan, and like David Price and Bob Etheridge, you’ve never met a tax increase you didn’t LOVE. You should worry more about your relationship with Barack Obama and Pelosi than lying about Bill Randall’s record!

Miller oddly calls Randall and the tea party “extreme”, but it Miller himself who is “odd” and “extreme”.

Brad Miller and Church

This blogger  attended the same church as Miller from 1993 to 2007 . On the major Christian holidays, Miller served as an usher, along with his then-estranged wife .  The church was a good one, but the  sideshow was so disgusting, it was a contributing factor to KCC’s decision to move her membership.  Miller carefully calculated when to show up, so as to get the most bang for his “appearance”. KCC misses it there.

Read more about Bill, here, or check out his campaign website, here.

Katy’s Conservative Corner was proud to earlier endorse Bill Randall and is thankful that he is offering his leadership skills to North Carolina, and to our great nation.  Bill Randall says he is called to serve, and he has done so.

Bill Randall was even discussed on this New Zealand freedom-lover’s blog!

The Ad

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