Why I’m Voting Democrat on Twitter: Humor

Liberal Liars

It’s a joke folks and the joke is on the liberals!As KCC writes, a trending topic on Twitter is #WhyImVotingDemocrat and it’s absolutely hilarious.  Your blogger has been participating in this all day long.  The funnier ones are getting “re-tweeted” or passed along to others.

Some liberals don’t realize that the entire thing is a big joke and  have been participating. KCC brings a few recent ones to you, as posted, minus the hashtags, and the spelling and punctuation are the Tweeter’s own.

A quick search of the hashtag #WhyImVotingDemocrat reads like a David Letterman Top Ten list:

*because I think America should be more like France, or at least some French-speaking country like Haiti

*Because I can’t wait to see the Muslim flag over White House

*Because I should be able to live in my parents’ basement until I’m 39!

*I’m Canadian and wish to destabilize America’s economy.

*because everyone should have some Obama money

*Because those who create wealth should be punished for their wrongdoing

*I think Ground Zero would be a wonderful place to build a Mosque…

*because my parents never gave me my pony, now I want yours

*Because unemployment checks really stimulate the economy.

*Because animals are more important than human beings.

*There’s another election??!! I thought we already anointed, I mean elected our savior and we were done.

*Did I mention I like the crack?

*Because we just haven’t tried socialism with the right people in charge yet!

*Because charity starts at the federal level.

And, your blogger’s favorite:

because I actually died 6 years ago…

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