Illegals and Communists Protest Arizona Law in Raleigh (Video)

A group of about 300 people from across North Carolina, came to Raleigh yesterday, to protest the new Arizona law aimed at enforcing the Federal law on illegal immigration.  Though gutted by a court, the protestors marched anyway, and mostly consisted of a Farmworkers Union group, Communist organizations, various student groups from UNC-Chapel Hill, and Muslim-Americans.

There was plenty of police presence, but no conservatives, other than your blogger, appeared to observe the spectacle.  The very Raleigh police officers that were there to protect these liberals, were called “pigs”.  How’s that for “peace”?

Enjoy the sights and sounds from the march/rally by checking out the video below:

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13 Responses to “Illegals and Communists Protest Arizona Law in Raleigh (Video)”

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  • Rick:

    I don’t think many of those were from the Tarheel state. They were probably bused in by the SEIU and SEANC. Why come to Raleigh? The action was in AZ. Look at all those in front of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept. if you can find it with the Che flags. According to some reports they were bused in from LA.

    Get website, Haty. I haven’t been around much lately but I the old body has been repaired and ready for action in November. Norm Sanderson for State House district 3-home of Gov Dumpling. Let’s send Alice Underhill packing

  • Nick Longo:

    I am a LEGAL immigrant and I am tired of these Socialist Liberal mentally deranged Democrats that flock to a cause without having any cognition of what it is all about.


    We as citizens have the right of protecting ourselves from this invasion; if the Federal Government is not doing its job then it is up to the state and to the counties and ultimately to We The Paople.

    Americans need to wake up before it is too late…

    Just think of the consequences we are now paying for of an election where we didn’t have much of a choice for a candidate and many conservatives stayed on the sidelines.

    Do we want to be like Europe? (France, Italy, Spain, Grece, and the East Block)

    If we don’t take the time to go to vote and spread the Conservative agenda in the mean time we will not have anyone to blame but ourselves.

  • Dawnsblood:

    Rafael: This may be hard to understand but I assume certain things when I see people at rallies.

    If you wear a Che shirt or carry a Che banner, I assume you are a Communist.
    If you wear a Hitler shirt or carry a Hitler banner, I assume you are a Nazi.
    If you wear a white hood over your head or carry a burning cross, I assume you are Klan.

    None of this is really hard to understand. If you parade around displaying a notable icon from a movement that was responsible for the death and/or enslavement of millions you have identified yourself with them. The media has spent months trying to tie the Tea Party folks with racists all because the LaRouchies and some lefty infiltrators were carrying racist signs at rallies. I would say turn about is fair play.

  • Omega Paladin:

    This march was organized by an AFL-CIO affiliate and co-sponsored by numerous local leftist groups. So I’ll go out on a limb and say the guy in the Che shirt wasn’t the only commie out there. Per the march flyer they were handing out, a good number of the non-illegal hippie-looking kids were UNC-Chapel hill student lefties. Katy, you were the only other conservative out there (besides me) observing the inanity. I appreciate all the cops who were sweating out there, keeping the peace. Katy, you watch out for the protesters wearing bandannas around their necks. One of those punks could easily cover his face up with the bandanna, quickly assault you, and then flee. I’m just glad a lot of police officers surrounded this event.

  • Katy:

    The red farmworkers flags were indicative of communist activity. I’m 43 years old and when I grew up, Communism was still alive and well around the world. Actually, it still is, only it hides under a less scary form that appears to embrace a form of capitalism.

    As for the right-click thing, it was an option, so I took it. You are right, the pics are no big deal, but on my old platform, I got really tired of people stealing my photography and not giving credit where credit was due. I have not posted my photos yet, however.

    So, there ya go. I can’t please everyone. Just doing the work I do as a conservative blogger. Reporting the truth that the lamestream media will not. Would the local media talk to me and get the other side? No way!

  • Raphael:

    And how many people were wearing Che shirts? One?

    That’s what I thought.


    Only in the minds of frightened little people.

  • madconductor:


    You are just so sharp! It has never dawned on me that someone who would wear a Che shirt could believe in something other than Communism.

    Probably because it’s never happened.

    You just keep smoking that stuff, pal.

  • Dawnsblood:

    Nice video Katy! Thanks for saving those of us with a low gag threshold the trouble.

    Raphael: The T-shirt with the vile Che gave the Communist part away…

    DavidM: My guess is that she disabled the right click on whatever pictures you are speaking of for the same reason I lock my front door at night. Those people that want to steal stuff can still do so but why should she make it easy for you?

  • David M:


    If you are wearing a che guevara tshirt, you are a communist.

    Katy, disabling right click is so 20th century, don’t be a retard, I can’t use spell check without right clicking, thanks. Your pictures are not that precious and I can still steal them if I wanted to.

  • Raphael:

    Do you have any proof to back up your claim that the protesters are either illegals or communists?

    I didn’t think so.

    Did you even bother to ask them?

    I didn’t think so.

    Did the police tell you that they were there to “protect the protesters”?

    I didn’t think so.

    You caught them jaywalking. Good job!

  • What’s the world turning to, you are a brave one Katy.

  • Mary:

    Has the world gone completely mad?