North Carolina’s Looming Deficit

According to a post on WRAL-TV’s website,

North Carolina will face one of the largest state deficits in the country next year.

Cathy Wright, candidate for State House (District 54), wrote on her Twitter feed:

If you like this, continue voting for Democrats .  If you want real change, cast your vote (for me)

Your blogger will be following Cathy’s campaign, along with many others from the right in North Carolina.  Bonus point:  Wright is from Chapel Hill and the district encompases Chatham, Moore, and Orange counties.

With Democrats President Obama and Governor (Beverly) Perdue extremely unpopular this year (due to continuing scandals), every seat in the state legislature is in play.

While your blogger hates this terrible news of this deficit, it only means one thing: throw the bums who made it happen OUT!

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One Response to “North Carolina’s Looming Deficit”

  • Omega Paladin:

    Clearly NC is not taxing the “rich” enough. If we could redistribute all the wealth from “rich” private citizens to the government and its auxiliaries (e.g. unions, NAACP, et al), then we’d finally have economic “justice” and no more financial problems forever.